COVID Update: Four Local Deaths, Few New Cases

In its weekly county-level COVID-19 update, the State Health Department is reporting three more deaths in Neshoba County and one more in Leake County.  But there's still only a trickle of new cases in the local area -- 17 in Attala County since last... Read More.

Five More Local COVID Deaths Reported

The State Health Department says five more COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the local area since last Monday.   Three of the deaths were in Leake County with one each in Attala and Neshoba counties.   The Health Department is no longer providing daily county-level... Read More.

Zero COVID Cases Again For Two Local Counties

For the second time this month, two local counties have gone 24 hours without a new COVID-19 case.  The State Health Department said Tuesday that the case counts in Leake and Neshoba counties are the same as the ones reported Monday, while Attala County... Read More.

COVID Update: Another Death In Leake County

The State Health Department on Monday said 31 more Mississippians have died of COVID-19, including one person in Leake County.   A total of 884 new cases have been reported for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the first time the weekend case count has been below... Read More.

More Single Digit COVID Increases Being Seen

It's a trend that started two weeks ago-- a dramatic drop in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Mississippi.  And in some counties, the increases have been running in the single digits most days.  The State Health Department reported Thursday that Leake County... Read More.

Fewer COVID Cases But Seven Local Deaths

Mississippi’s COVID numbers are going in opposite directions.  The State Health Department on Wednesday said the number of new cases was the lowest this year—542.  But there were 96 deaths, the most reported in a single day in three weeks.  Three of the deaths... Read More.

COVID Update: Long Weekend Produces Low Numbers

The COVID-19 numbers the State Health Department released Tuesday covered a four-day period, averaging 467 new cases for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  In Neshoba County, there were 39 new infections reported,  Attala County had 18 and only 11 in Leake County.  But the... Read More.

COVID Numbers Down Sharply– More Pediatric Deaths

Health officials had predicted that the COVID-19 surge fueled by the omicron variant that we saw in Mississippi would turn around just as dramatically.  And it's playing out this week with only 587 new cases reported on Thursday-- about half as many as Wednesday... Read More.

Neshoba County Records 227th COVID Death

As COVID-19 numbers continue to drop across Mississippi, there’s been another death blamed on the virus in Neshoba County.  That makes 227 there since the pandemic began.  That’s more than twice the number of COVID deaths in either Leake (107) or Attala (105) counties.