Emergency Dispatches: February 28, 2020

At 3:08 pm on February 17th Kosciusko Police and City Fire were called to Tally's Tobacco Mart on highway 12 east for a report of the smell of gas. Units arrived and after a short investigation found the smell to be not to be... Read More.

Emergency Dispatches: February 27, 2020

At 5:35 am on February 26 Kosciusko Police were called to Wendy's on highway 12 east. Management made it to the location and found the door unlocked. They requested an officer to walk through and check the location .

Emergency Dispatches: February 21, 2020

At 8:11 am Attala Deputies, MedStat EMS, Providence and Ethel Volunteers along with Attala Fire Central Station responded to a structure fire on Attala Road 1022. Emergency Personnel arrived on scene and notified responding units that they had a single story brick home with... Read More.

Emergency Dispatches: February 20, 2020

At 5:38 am Attala Deputies were called to Coleman Apartments on highway 35 north. The caller said that a car may have ran off in a ditch and that they have heard a horn blowing for over an hour. After searching the area no... Read More.

Emergency Dispatches: February 15, 2020

At 5:25 am Attala Deputies and the Mississippi Highway Patrol were called to highway 43 south. The caller said a delivery truck was stuck inn the mud.At 11:30 am Attala Deputies along with Attala Fire and Rescue were called to14 west just off highway... Read More.

Emergency Dispatches: February 13, 2020

At 3:19 pm Kosciusko Police were called to the parking lot of KFC for a minor fender bender. No injuries were reported.At 9:09 am Kosciusko Police, MedStat EMS along with City Fire and Rescue responded to a report of an MVA on Lee Street.... Read More.