Sunday Fire at Jacob’s Ladder

  Firefighting is a hot job even on a cold day.  But imagine battling a roaring inferno when the outside temperature is in the triple digits.  That’s what Kosciusko firefighters faced Sunday after a store selling Christian... Read More.

Vehicle in Flames in Attala County Near West

At approximately 3:31 a.m. Attala County Deputies, Attala County Fire Department, and Carmack Volunteers responded to calls reporting a vehicle on fire on HWY 440 near Unity Baptist Church in area of West. The vehicle had broken down earlier and was left there until... Read More.

Updates – Vehicle Fire in Sallis & More

Monday February 28, 20221:46 a.m. – Attala County Deputies were alerted to a disturbance that occurred on Attala Road 4101 near the Sallis area.2:33 a.m. – Kosciusko Police responded to a call reporting a suspicious vehicle sitting at a convenience store... Read More.

Kosciusko Fire Department Saves Pups from Flames

2:24 p.m. – Kosciusko Fire Department and Kosciusko Police were dispatched to a house fire on Arrowhead Drive. Two family pets were inside the house and were rescued by firefighters. Firefighters quickly got the fire put out. It is not clear at this time... Read More.