Log Truck Rollover Crash in Carmack

At approximately 3:32 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10th EMS, Attala Central Fire Department, Carmack Volunteers, Friendship Volunteers, and Attala Deputies were dispatched to a crash on Attala Road 3122 in Carmack.A log truck crashed and rolled over about 3 miles down Attala Road 3122.... Read More.

MVA Involving Log Truck

At 2:34 pm Attala Deputies, The Mississippi Highway Patrol, Emergency Management Director Townsend, MedStat EMS along with Attala Fire and Rescue Central Station responded to a report of a two vehicle MVA. The caller said it involved a log truck and a Jeep.Responding units... Read More.

Log Truck Rollover on 43 (Video)

At 3:23 pm Attala Deputies, MedStat EMS, the Mississippi Patrol along with Attala Fire and Rescue responded to a report of a one vehicle MVA on highway 43 south. The caller said a fully loaded 18 wheeler log truck rolled over at Pinkard curve... Read More.