More Monkeypox in MS

The CDC is reporting a total of 32 cases of monkeypox in Mississippi now.  That ties us with Arkansas.  But the rest of our neighboring states have had a lot more cases.  Alabama's total is 60, in Tennessee it's 176 and in Louisiana, 183. ... Read More.

More Monkeypox in MS, Vaccine Offered to Those at High Risk

Mississippians at risk of getting monkeypox are being offered vaccinations at county health departments.  The state has now recorded 11 monkeypox cases and health officials expect that number to continue climbing.  Initially, the vaccine was offered only to those in close contact with infected... Read More.

Monkeypox Patient in MS Was Infected Elsewhere

Mississippi’s first monkeypox case is a person who became infected while traveling.  State Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers says the individual "acquired the infection outside of Mississippi."   Even though COVID and West Nile virus cases are identified by county, the monkeypox case isn't.  One reason:... Read More.