Gas Prices in MS Still Falling S l o w l y

While gas prices in many other parts of the country have started to rise again, AAA says we’re still on a downward trend in Mississippi—although it’s slowed so much it may be hard to tell.   Labor Day week, the auto club says we saw... Read More.

A Tale of Two Cities– About Gas Prices

It takes only about an hour and a half to drive from Kosciusko to Batesville.  But the two communities are far apart when it comes to gas prices.Attala County has some of the highest prices in Mississippi while Panola County continues to enjoy the... Read More.

Local Gas Prices Top $4 And Still Climbing

Gas prices have jumped an average of almost 15 cents a gallon in Leake and Neshoba counties in the past week.   Attala County has seen an increase of almost six cents but prices there were already higher than Leake and Neshoba.   AAA says the... Read More.

Local Gas Prices Still Among Highest In MS

There are now only 11 other counties in Mississippi with an average gas price that's higher than Attala County.  And Leake and Neshoba counties aren't much cheaper.  AAA says gas is averaging $3.92 in Attala, more than 13 cents above the statewide average.  The... Read More.

Minimal Change In Local Gas Prices

Tracking changes in gas prices in this part of central Mississippi is like watching paint dry.   It's happening very, very slowly.  AAA says the average price in Neshoba County Wednesday is down almost two cents to $3.98, while Leake County's average price is up... Read More.