Prowlers, Alarms and a Missing Person in Attala

Monday 3/27/23 12:43 a.m. - Kosciusko Police responded to the Westwood Dr. Apartments for unknown trouble.1:03 a.m. - Kosciusko Police were sent to Walnut Grove Road for a possible prowler.1:54 a.m. - Kosciusko Police responded to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive for a possible prowler.6:09... Read More.

Prowlers, Alarms and Disturbances in Attala

Monday 2/6/23 12:05 a.m. - Kosciusko Police checked a residential alarm on 5th Avenue.4:53 a.m. - Kosciusko Police were called about an alarm at El Rodeo on Veterans Memorial Drive.6:17 a.m. - Kosciusko Police responded to a business alarm at the Regions Bank on Veteran... Read More.

Prowlers, Trespassers and Loose Livestock on Attala

Monday 1/17/23 12:30 a.m. - Attala Deputies were sent to a residence at Attala Road 5003 for a report of a prowler.5:51 a.m. - Attala Deputies checked on another prowler report at a residence at Road 1101.6:40 a.m. - Attala Deputies responded to a vehicle... Read More.

Disturbances, Prowlers, and Vandalism in Attala

Monday, July 18, 20224:02 a.m. – Attala County Deputies received a call from a resident of Attala Road 2120/Rock Port Road about possible prowlers on the property.4:05 p.m. – Kosciusko Police were dispatched to Westwood Apartments when a caller reported that 3 juveniles... Read More.