Alarms, Domestic Disputes and a Shoplifter in Attala.

Friday 3/17/23 12:09 a.m. - Kosciusko Police checked a reported prowler on Linden Drive.8:19 a.m. - Kosciusko Police responded to an alarm at the Citizens National Bank on Hy 12.8:57 a.m. - Kosciusko Police were called to assist EMS at a residence on Smythe Street.9:01... Read More.

EMS assistance, A Shoplifter and Downed Wires in Attala

Monday 3/6/23 2:36 a.m. - Kosciusko Police were asked to assist a person locked out of their apartment at Court Square Village Apartments on Court Square Circle.6:15 a.m. - Kosciusko Police responded to a motion alarm at Kosciusko Lower Elementary School on Veteran's Memorial Drive.7:13... Read More.

Shoplifter Pursued on Foot From Store

At 10am Thursday morning, a caller requested assistance from KPD, saying that they were pursuing a shoplifter on foot from Auto Zone, down Fairground Street, towards Jason Niles Park.At 12:32pm, an officer was requested to Sunflower for a report of a person harassing customers... Read More.