Car Fire on Crawley Street

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Kosciusko Police and firefighters responded to a car fire Saturday afternoon about 2:30 on Crawley St. It was unclear if anyone was hurt. No ambulance was called.

Street paving project continues in Kosciusko

Paving on several streets in downtown Kosciusko is continuing this week. Kosciusko Mayor Tim Kyle said streets near the square will be paved first so they'll be ready in time for the Natchez Trace Festival on April 28 - 29.

Breaking and Entering and Unwanted Visitors

On Thursday at 2:18pm, there was a report of a breaking and entering on Landrum Street.At 6:49pm, there was a call from a resident on Wildwood Terrace requesting assistance in removing an unwanted party.At 10:12pm, a female caller from Sonic said that she had... Read More.