An Attala County man was killed in a dog attack last week.

Attala County Sheriff Tim Nail it happened Thursday, Jan. 30 at a home on Hwy. 14 W in the Palestine community.

The victim was identified as 76-year-old Harvey Harmon Jr.

According to Nail, there were four dogs involved, all of which were still on scene when deputies arrived. Two of the dogs belonged to a relative of Harmon’s and stayed at his home. The other two were strays that were known to stay in the area.

The owner of the dogs agreed to have the dogs euthanized. That was done on scene by a veterinarian for three of the dogs. The fourth dog ran away before it could be caught.

Nail this appears to be a random accident, as there had never been any complaints about the dogs before and the owner said they had never been aggressive towards him or Harmon.



  1. Concern citizen says:

    Strange …if a person can’t walk and wheelchair bound, how in world can a dog pull you out of a house or wheelchair… praying for the family…

  2. Meadows says:

    Ppl in wheelchairs have wheel chair ramps to go outside. Where does it say he was in wheelchai
    Praying for the families involved

  3. Concerned citizen and dog lover says:

    So sorry to hear this. Praying for this family. Also, I’ve noticed comments about Pits. Not all are bad. It’s how they are raised. The owners who have the bad ones should be banned, not the dog.

  4. Think about it says:

    My mother is in a wheelchair with one leg and she can go outside whenever she wants. She has a wheelchair ramp. So just because you are confined to a wheelchair, doesn’t mean you can’t go outside.

  5. Dorothy Gray says:

    You cannot personally say that these dog attacked this man. They did not swab the dogs to make sure it was human blood on them. The question is what happened to this man before the dogs got to him? That’s what needs to be done. A private investigator need to go out and see what happens. Just do not put out here that the dogs killed this man. Because them dogs was not no fighter. The dogs was never used. To harm. No one. That man been staying there all his life. Some dolls have not bother him. Not now day. It needs to be investigated.

  6. Rita says:

    My Grandfather , was in a wheelchair , paralyzed from the waist down but he never ever let it hinder him from doing nothing and could cook , drive , build things , n all . It’s just an unfortunate incident . Pray’n for his family

  7. Mellany Vanderboon says:

    Although I am very sorry for the victim and his family, pit bulls have a bad reputation. It’s not the breed but the owners. You can make any dog mean! A lot of pit bull owners think they have a lethal weapon and they encourage the dog to be vicious. It’s time we put the blame where it belongs.

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