Audio: Holmes CC students release song written for Mississippi tornado victims


A class at Holmes Community College has released a Christian rap song dedicated to the victims of the March 26 Mississippi tornadoes.

It’s the second song written by students in Mike Yates’ Computer Recording I class.

The song is called “One Day” and it features inspiration from the Biblical passage found in Matthew 6:34.

“When the tornadoes happened, we immediately started working on it [song],” said Yates

Students involved in the project are Cray Cairncross, Dy’lan Roberson, JaMarcus Brown, and Cameron Weatherby.

The complete song and lyrics can be found below.

“One Day”

Dedicated to the victims of the tornado on March 26, 2023

Written and Produced by
Cray Cairncross, Dy’lan Roberson
JaMarcus Brown, Cameron Weatherby
Mike Yates
Special thanks to Elissia Stewart

Matthew 6:34


(Verse 1)
First day struggle
Next day pain
Third day reaching for the light of the fame
Looking out at the world feeling all this aggression
I got the lord on my side sending all right directions

All this depression
All I feel is hate and rejection
I’m learning these lessons
Tell me how to fix my discretion
All these goals and these dreams that I cannot deny
But it’s okay because I’ll only take it one step at a time

You been on yo’ grind tryna make it out the struggle
Taking one day at a time try’na get it off the muscle
They look at you and say you blessed but don’t know sometimes that you suffer
All the challenges you face, you feel that life is just a puzzle

(Verse 2)
You look in the mirror and see no reflection
Asking the Lord can He send you a blessing
Tragedies got you hurtin’ and you stressin’
No pain, no gain, gotta learn yo’ lesson.

You feel so lost and abuse
Been walking all through the rain
You hate the choices you choose
Still caught up in yo’ ways

You ain’t got no time to lose
You try’na better yo’ days
You got a point to prove
Show ‘em all that a beast can’t be tamed

Take it one step at a time day by day
God keep them demons away
Don’t let ‘em get in yo’ way
I know you come from the bottom
You try’na climb up this mountain
Know in due time you gon’ make it.
So much on your mind
You can leave it all behind
No matter what you try
You can never say goodbye
You’re feeling all this hassle
Feel like life is just a crime
Just try to keep it calm and take it one day at a time

(Repeat Chorus

Step by step, day by day
We’re gonna rebuild what was taken away
Step by step, day by day
Give it to the Lord and let Him lead the way

Step by step, day by day
We’re gonna rebuild what was taken away
Step by step, day by day
Give it to the Lord and let Him lead the way

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